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A-Z of how to be cool

Ever wandered what makes Too Cool, simply too cool. Well read this and by the end you'll be hip-hopping with the flava..

A: attitude
Some of Too Cools opponents may laugh off the duo by their appearance. But beware this team has got attitude. They know the exact way to kick some serious butt!

B- break dance/bucket hat
When Scotty too Hotty was a little b-body everyone would be tripping over the worm!. What better way to show off your hip-hop funky flava with break dancing across the ring canvas? Even better do it with a bucket hat, stick your hair up through the top and youll be looking fly!

C- coolness
They dont call them too cool for nothing, they earned that name. All those wrestlers think theyre so tough, and theyre so uptight. Too Cool are so relaxed theyre practically frozen.

D- dance/do-rag
Well one of the most important things you have to do to be cool is, you have to dance! If Too Cool doesnt win, then they dont dance! And everyone wants to see them dance, thats what they do best!
Do rag, what makes Grandmaster look so hip, well its that
funky do-rag.

Too cool aint no sissy long haired boys, who are full of themselves, they got confidence and know that when they say Time to Kick it thats exactly what they do!

F- fly
Not only are too cool, entertaining and great wrestler, they are mighty fly guys, with might fly bodies! They didnt get the names Scotty too Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay for nothing, you know.

G- Grandmaster Sexay/ goggles
The sexay part of too cool, Grandmaster is just so hip! Look at him dance hes a natural. But he can kick some serious butt. A strong competitor for any belt, he has strength and agility! So put on those cool goggles, shine them up, and when he does that it can only mean one thing, its time for the hip hop drop!

H-Hip Hop Drop
Its that so cool move, the hip-hop drop! Too Cool can kick some serious butt with this powerful leg drop. When he pulls it off you know the opponents will be staring up from the daisy roots!

Ok, I was a tough one. But heck, it was right in front of my face all along. Too Cool are just to irresistible. How can anyone dislike them? Say it all you want, but you mofos out there, just cant get enough of the duo really!

J- jiggy
Get jiggy with it Yeah too cool always are getting jiggy with it, whether in the ring or not!

K- kicks
Watch Scotty fly around that ring, bouncing and trouncing, worming and squirming? Hes so nimble on his feet. Thats cos of the kicks, their so hip! Plus with those colours and styles, they look simply too cool!

Too Cool give major love to all their fans out there, and let them be sure, that they certainly get it back from us! After all life is too cool, love, peace and chicken grease! Scotty wears those cool props, where they from, you say. Well go to and get that funky Scotty look.

M- mofo
If you arent a homey, then youre definitely a mofo. And a mofo is no friend of too cool.


P- playa
To be too cool you have to be a real playa, someone who is true and talented

To be a real cool you have to speak the best language in the world, slang. You gotta
know words like boo-yeah, props, playa, mofo, flava then youll be ultimately cool, none of this trash talking crap.

R- rikishi
Rikishi may have betrayed his homies, but when he was a homey, he was a true playa, who could get jiggy with it. He watched their backs and I miss him and believe it or not his big old bon bon.

He is the master, the originator, of the worm. You know, the cool blonde guy with the sticky up hair and cool bucket hats. He is the hot part of too cool. Scotty is the only past too cool member present in the WWF, L
The one who is retaining that ultimate coolness in the WWF. He has come up with most of his gimmick trademarks, and theyre all so successful, so we gotta hand it to him, he rocks.
The shades that make life look too cool. Put them on, and you see coolo-vision. Get in place, and get ready to dance your ass off.

T- turn it up
They have gone under a few music changes. But this one has to be the top. Its so hip and will definitely, always get, you on your feet. So when you put it on your cd player, turn it up!

U- underpants
Put the cool pants on, and pull your underwear up. Lita, holds nothing against them. For too cool were the originators of showing their underpants off. (Whoopee)

V- viagra (hair)
So what is it, what on this earth makes Scottys hair stand up like that? Some say its a large dose of hair spray and gel, but we all know that Scottys secret recipe is hair viagra! Lol

Ok do I have to dignify this letter with a word? Of course its the worm, its the WORM, the most anticipated and skilled move in all sports entertaining. Dont ask me how you do it, my body does not bend in that way. Im gotta leave it to Scotty when it comes to the worm.


Y- youth
These guys arent getting old any time soon. Ok they may be married. But they are still full of energy and life, and have got a prosperous life and their whole future in front of them. ( I know but I had to be all sentimental at some point)


As you can see, I'm stuck on a few letters, if you have any suggestions, please email me, so the Too Cool Dictionary will be complete, thankyou.